Article #731 Setting the Project Control System (PCS) Quality Management Module: Static and Rotating Equipment Inspection Checklists

Another quality control process that needs to be monitored, evaluated, and reported in the project control system (PCS) is the Static and Rotating Equipment Inspection Checklists. For oil and gas projects, static equipment comprises valves, boilers, furnaces, and heat exchangers. Oil and gas rotating equipment comprise turbines, pumps, and compressors. On the other hand, static equipment is with no moving parts is comparatively more reliable.

Similar to the other quality control processes, the difference between a project control system (PCS) that is managed by the Project Owner or the Contractor is the ownership of the data captured in the static and rotating inspection reports. Regardless of who is managing the PCS, the inspection forms will be available to all entities who need to have this information.

The Static and Rotating Equipment Inspection Checklists which will be created using the PMWeb visual custom form builder are another example of a quality control-related business process that can be managed using PMWeb. The templates will be designed to capture the data relevant for a static or rotating equipment inspection that might be done on the project. This is needed to ensure that all items to be inspected are included in the checklist. These lists will include tables with items to be inspected related to Material Receiving and Control, Pre-Installation, and Installation.

WS 731 Static and Rotating Equipment 1

Delivery notes, installation manuals for equipment, installation shop drawings, pictures of the equipment location before and after installation, and other particulars of the inspected equipment will be uploaded and attached to their relevant inspection. A workflow will be added to the static and rotating equipment inspection checklists to ensure the complete review of items included in each table in the checklist and formalize the final approval of the equipment inspection.

The equipment inspection checklist report captures the details of all inspections carried out for static and rotary equipment. The tabular section captures details of the equipment and actual approval dates for material receiving and control, pre-installation, and installation. Visuals will show the quantity of inspected equipment by category as a donut chart and type as a histogram.

WS 731 Static and Rotating Equipment 2

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