CMCS provides fully integrated, 360°, sustainable, quality Project Management Information System (PMIS) solutions using PMWeb Collaborative Project Management Solution

Who We Are

CMCS PMIS solutions help in enforcing project governance by implementing the best practices of project management processes, transparency in capturing data, accountability by who is providing the data, traceability by locating the source of the reported data and documents, real-time tracking of actions, and single version of the true report of projects’ health and performance. The valuable and trusted BIG DATA generated by the PMIS solutions can bring massive benefits for the project stakeholders when applying Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis to identify variances and trends that will improve their insight to make better and faster actionable decisions.

About us

CMCS Founder

Dear Colleagues

I would like to start first by thanking our 2,500+ clients, partners, and CMCS family who have made CMCS what it is today and who are continuously helping us to grow.

For 40+ years, CMCS has empowered organizations around the world with innovative solutions to make better and faster-informed decisions in selecting, delivering, governing, and auditing multi-billion-dollar construction programs. We have provided them with the knowledge, tools, techniques, and resources to enhance communication, streamline processes and deploy data to enforce transparency and governance about the schedule, cost, quality, risk, contracts, and communications. We have enabled them to transform everyday data into a valuable sour of knowledge to visualize, analyze, predict and share a single version of the truth of projects’ status, health and performance.


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