Article #726 Setting the Project Control System (PCS) Cost Management Module: Cost Management Reports

Although each project control system (PCS) implementation will have its own customized and branded cost management output forms, reports, and dashboards. Nevertheless, few cost management reports tend to be common in all construction projects. Part of the PMWeb ready-to-use 150 forms, reports, and dashboards, most of those cost management reports are readily available to use.

For example, there is always a requirement to have a single report that captures all issued invoices against each project grouped by the commitment contract with which they are associated. The report will provide an overall summary with the key information of each invoice, whether it was an interim progress invoice or a one-off invoice. In addition, PMWeb comes ready with reports for potential change orders and change orders.

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If additional details are needed to be reviewed for any of the submitted invoices, the report reader will be able to drill down to check the details of the invoice transaction. The output form should also provide links to all documents associated with the invoice and details of who has reviewed and approved the invoice.

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Another important report that comes ready in PMWeb is a report that captures the details of each awarded contract within each project. In addition, the report provides a list of all change orders associated with each contract, whether they were approved, pending approval, withdrawn, or disputed, which will be summarized in the report. Further, the details of all interim payment certificate invoices issued against each contract will be displayed. The reader of this report can drill down to any specific transaction listed in the report.

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Another ready-to-use PMWeb report is the cost worksheet report which summarizes the cost data associated with each project budget, budget request, awarded contracts, potential change orders, change orders, and forecast to complete. The actual cost related to commitment contracts and non-commitments will be reported. The cost worksheet is an example of a truly connected cost report.

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The report reader can drill down and view the detailed cost worksheet of each of the projects included in the master cost worksheet. All these reports can be configured to only show records with approved status or those with approved and pending status.

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Another sample ready-to-use PMWeb report is the Cost Dashboard which will be based on the data captured from the different cost management processes that are needed for the project control system. Similar to the other PMWeb reports, the reader of the Cost Dashboard can drill down for more details if needed.

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Finally, the data captured from the workflow review and approval tasks for the cost management records and others will become the basis for monitoring, reviewing, and reporting the status of these tasks to identify any delays in completing those tasks as was originally planned. The report can be configured to report on the workflow tasks by project and by business units. In other words, the report can be filtered to show only those tasks that relate to invoice review and approval.

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