proPilot is a powerful Strategy Execution Management Software designed to support business executives streamline their strategic initiatives and get a 360° real time view on all their projects. It allows you to manage financial and non financial business metrics in a simple and consistent way to identify potential issues early on, thanks to frequent and qualitative data collection.

With proPilot, you can quickly create plans for transformation, performance, and/or compliance initiatives, and easily update them via simple workflows for declaring progress and communicating with stakeholders.

proPilot makes strategy execution easy and is available on desktop and mobile. It is fast to implement, simple to use, fully scalable, and highly secure.

proPilot is suitable for Strategic or Corporate Program Management Offices, Global PMO’s, Post merger & acquisition PMO’s, Government Offices and many more.

proPilot also easily connects to PMWeb, leveraging existing project data and combining it with business metrics to produce the value executives expect.

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